Thursday, 29 June 2017

Tailoring your curves

Now if you are like me and your behind can be your biggest peril or your saving grace then this post is for you. I love my bum, trying to not sound like a narcissist but I think we should herald our body confidence. However it is quite massive so I have to take it in to consideration constantly when planning outfits. I want to wear baggy minimalist pieces and men's tailoring and not look like a box. Yet it can be tough, when thinking about this outfit something was just not clicking. Then I realised it's all about the hour glass or the pear, you sometimes have to create the shape yourself. This obviously sounds daft as it's like, tah duh a belt. But honestly as soon as I created a waist for myself in this outfit I felt fab. My friends always mention my breasts, so I figured everything is covered I can feel slut-shame free and show a bit of cleavage. Highlighting your favourite body parts is sort of the key to pulling of those trends that you've always wanted to try. You are still being yourself, you haven't then lost yourself to a fad trend. To me styling is all about picking and choosing the best parts anyway, sometimes letting yourself being influenced by a trend but most importantly sticking to your own individual style. Hence the beautiful clear shoes and adorable bag I can't get away from my staple accessories. Don't be afraid curvier girls, don't leave the box blazers and the tapered leg ankle swingers to the model type girls. Pick and chose tailored pieces with other items of clothing that say your style and that you feel confident in as you know they compliment your shape. Paired together these will make you look stylish and the look timeless, opposed to being one of the many flops that ride the fast fashion wave.

Top (old) Shoes, Zara. Bag, Blazer and Mom jeans, Vintage.

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