Monday, 8 May 2017

New Beginnings

So this post, follows my record breaking first post in 14 months. A brief catch up is definitely due. In the last eight or so months I have left uni, started a new job and left said new job. Some massive beginnings and endings have happened. Yet if there is one thing I've learnt it's that I want to be even more dedicated to my blog, it's something that's always been on the back burner. I would write a blog post here and there and then nothing would come of it, it's as if I just couldn't hit publish. However something has really clicked in to place for me, so as they say, here it goes...

I think for the last two and a half years I've been telling myself minimalism is the way forward.  I've been everything under the sun when it comes to style. Yet minimalism is something I am yet to master and something I guarantee I will stick to if I can garner the skill. This photo best represents my wardrobe transition, going from a vintage bargain hunter to evolving and throwing in those much needed and worth it high street or high end pieces. I cannot begin to describe how much of a 180 my bottoms department has taken from all time skirt/dress girl, to a trouseraholic young woman. The next big venture... a one way ticket to the land of jeans *gasps*.

I think this outfit best represents my evolving style bargain boohoo on trend circle ring trousers. Coupled with and an other stories shirt which I was planning on buying full price waited a week and it was in the sale, £70 down to £16. I'm sure someone in the Regent st store made a massive error with the sale price, ha!  To these funky and ever so vintage Rag and Bone PVC zip booties. However the star piece this black circle pull ring corduroy cropped vintage jacket, thats making me wish for hotter weather.

Enjoy ma'lovelies X

Whats available: Trousers, Boohoo.

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