Sunday, 21 May 2017

Gal Boss

Now, if you are aware of the brand new Netflix series or Sophia Amuruso's hit book then I'm sure you know where I'm going with this. I have been hooked on the series finishing it in two days and now having withdrawals. However it has seriously inspired my wardrobe, touching upon my last blog post I have really tried a number of different styles. Vintage obviously always appearing in all of my looks yet in my quest for minimalism my vintage pieces have been neglected. I think the character of on the show and her 'screw the world' kinda view point and how she touches greatly on becoming a woman I have decided to stick to my roots. Obviously in snippets and trying to learn the valuable lessons of quality and less is more with vintage, adhering to my new minimalist quest.

Whilst watching the show I scoured Depop, trying to teach myself to pay more for the better items. A hard lesson as I am quite the self confessed bargain queen, also to stick to more unique longer lasting pieces. As I tend to get bored quickly I'm hoping this amazing metallic red trench and Black long clutch feature for years in my wardrobe. The coats colour heavily influenced by Sophia's East West parrot jacket in the show, I couldn't resist when I found it I had to have it. The bag I actually found first after rejecting a couple other cheaper possible options I decided to bite the bullet and pick something more pricey yet fantastic.

The jeans and boots are old and from Asos, the knit is last summer from H&M and the sunglasses are the Rayban hexagonal pair (that i'm sure you've seen on everyone recently). This look is seventies all over such a lot of fun to wear, vintage is of course an inexpensive way to try out current trends. I would personally suggest Depop over say Ebay if you are venturing in to vintage for the first time. A lot of great pieces and a much tidier/newer looking platform, to not overwhelm the previous vintagephobes.

Enjoy ma'lovelies XXX

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